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Creating A New Cybersecurity Management Program Can Be Overwhelming

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Cybersecurity has officially escalated to the boardroom and become a critical element to the survivability of every business. Typical cybersecurity programs are merely a collection of policies and software.

If You Think Midmarket Companies Aren’t Targets, Think Again! The COVID-19 pandemic fueled revolutionary technological adoption. It also bred a new generation of cyberthreats. Midmarket companies trying to keep pace with enterprises can’t afford to slow down due to cybersecurity failures, with the number of data breaches on the rise each year, today could be your last chance to start getting managed cybersecurity services right.

Secure sensitive data, manage complex systems, and proactively identify optimisation opportunities.

What We Do & How We Do It

If you are coming to us having experienced a breach of security.  We will contain and remediate the incident as best possible. We will also implement any software and policies needed.

Top 20 Tips to Avoid Security Breaches

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Managed Detection & Response

Speak to WestTech Technologies Team of experts and discuss the options available to you.

Protect your systems and data by detecting intrusions with comprehensive information security risk management and cybersecurity management from WestTech Technologies.

Continuous Vulnerability Management provides insights into the security of your environment and delivers enhanced transparency within internal and external perimeters, resulting in custom recommendations and a vulnerability remediation plan.

It won’t happen to us, will it?Let’s be honest, everyone knows about the serious and increasing threat of cyber crime, it’s been around for a long time. But, people Do ignore it. The biggest mistake is thinking it won’t happen to your business.

Can we afford professional cyber protection?What you need to ask yourself is ‘can my business afford not to be sufficiently protected?’ Cyber breaches can cost businesses on many fronts, it’s not just the cost to pick up the pieces once a breach is detected. Around one third of the total cost of a data breach are costs related to downtime.

Always there for you and your business at WestTech Technologies we don’t want you to be in the dark about your cybersecurity. We’ll take the time to explain and make sure you understand our approach and how we’ll work together to mitigate your cyber risk. We want to be an extension of your staff, a partner, and most of all an asset.

Bespoke 24/7 Cybersecurity Services to protect your business from cyberattacks we look at your digital infrastructure as a whole and create a bespoke package to best protect your data and your digital assets. We operate 24/7, giving you peace of mind that your business is protected day and night.

IT Support Vs Cybersecurity​

A common misconception is thinking that IT support services will also handle cybersecurity defences. This is often not the case. Device-level security will be present, meaning you’ll have some kind of anti-virus software installed, however, alone, this is not sufficient. There are so many ways hackers can gain access, regardless of the presence of ‘off the shelf’ antivirus software.

Plus, remember, the more devices you have, the more users you have, the more ways you are connected to the internet, the more places you store your data, the more likely you are to are to suffer a breach. Look at it this way…if your printer broke down you could still continue to run your business right?

But what if a ransomware attack occurred and compromised all your critical data? Misplaced budget and overreliance on IT support is a common mistake for a lot of SMEs. The best defence against the often crippling financial burden of a cyberattack is to be properly protected 24/7. Speak to us about Cybersecurity today.

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It’s ALL about the data…All data, regardless of how trivial it may seem, is valuable to cybercriminals.

From the more obvious financial details to seemingly minor personal information, criminals collect and sell, frequently on the dark web, all forms of stolen data. They can also combine data from multiple hacks, to enable other crimes such as identity theft.

Don’t leave cybersecurity to chance…

Over 85% of cyber attacks occur due to human error.
Talk to WestTech Cybersecurity experts to arrange training for your staff.
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