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WestTech Digital Signage delivers an award-winning, complete commercial Digital Signage Communications solution. With a comprehensive range of hardware and software products, the digital signage platform is designed to integrate, creating a digital signage package tailored to suit your specific project requirements whether a single screen, video wall, menu board, multiscreen site, or a global rollout.

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Content Triggering

Creating a welcoming environment for visitors both customer and suppliers ensures a positive first impression and enables you to promote products, display induction videos, advertise employment opportunities, meeting room information, and more. Our software allows you to create separate displays for each screen to help you communicate with each group more effectively.

Our Media Players help you centralise all displays. With playout software, landscape display systems, wall or ceiling mounting brackets, plus quick and easy to use the software, our Media Players provide a simple solution to connect your digital displays, create tailored content and display programmes as well as control the playback of each screen.

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Video Conferencing & Meeting Room Solutions

Video Conferencing has numerous benefits for businesses such as connecting your teams around the world, reducing travel costs, and increasing collaboration.

WestTech Technologies provide Video Conferencing solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. Audio Visual equipment has become an essential part of every meeting and few meetings happen without someone sharing their screen or presenting information.

We advise, design, supply and install user-friendly bespoke conferencing solutions to fit your requirements. Connect any workforce, anywhere, anytime to drive better collaboration with agile and secure conferencing solutions.

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Create Custom Layouts

This feature allows you to design your own layout with different media zones for your images, videos, webpages, time, date and also allows you to add a scrolling message or RSS feed. You can even give your layout a corporate “skin” to go around your media zones.



Connect your Digital Signage Screens to the internet wirelessly via Wi-Fi or via a Local Area Network Connection. If an internet connection is not available a 3G router can be incorporated into the screen, meaning that we can provide an integrated network solution for any location


Update From Anywhere

Content can be uploaded and Scheduled Playlists can be managed from anywhere in the world via our web portal. Simply log in, upload your imagesand videos to our secure server and send them directly to your screens.


Schedule Playlists

Display what you like, when you like. Create playlists that will automatically display your desired content at predetermined times and dates. Whatever your scheduling requirements, our system can support them.

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