WestTech Technologies Finalist Rosanne Scally Video Interview At Iconic Offices

  • July 01, 2022

Rosanne Scally, of WestTech Technologies, joined us as a finalist of our Iconic Business Bursary last week to explain to us a bit more about her day-to-day as the director of WestTech Technologies.
Rosanne explained to us how winning the bursary would give her business a place to call home, her current plans for expansion and her biggest success so far within her business.
WestTech Technologies provides managed IT services and is one of the leading software companies in Ireland that provide Hardware, Software, Managed IT & Bespoke Services to businesses of all sizes. Click the link here to find out more about WestTech Technologies
In partnership with Newstalk and Marketing Network Group.

Posted on July 01, 2022 By Westtech

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