Iconic Offices Business Bursary Finalist: WestTech Technologies Rosanne Scally Talks to NewsTalk with a weekly audience to 784,000 people

  • July 01, 2022

Rosanne Scally Director At WestTech Talks To Newstalk:

Icon Offices want to give back to the business community, therefore one lucky business will have the opportunity to win a €100k value package known as The Iconic Business Bursary.

The winning party will get the following in their 100k package: €50k worth of workspace at the stunning Iconic Offices, a €25k Newstalk media package, and €25k in marketing services from the Marketing Network Group.

‘Down to Business’ has been profiling the three finalists of the Iconic Offices Business Bursary competition over the last few weeks and this week Jonathan Healy was joined by Roseanne Scally, Director of WestTech Technologies to chat about the business.

Reference: click here!

Posted on July 01, 2022 By Westtech

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