Effects of the recent outage with WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram

  • October 14, 2021

What exactly happened when popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, used by billions of people worldwide, blinked out? Well, as you probably know, recent disruption in significant services offered by FB caused substantial disturbance across the globe.

Around 50% of the total population uses these platforms viz. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram for various purposes. Some are business purpose, and some stay in touch with their family through video and conference calling, whereas many use it for infotainment. Whatever the reason may be, whether it is messaging, virtual reality, live streaming, business, or even political campaigns – millions of users are continuously active across these platforms.

So, what were the exact effects of this recent outage?

Largest Outage Until Now:

You may have heard about previous similar outage of any supreme internet services, which may have lasted for a few minutes. But this recent outage shockingly lasted for a few hours and created 10.6 million problems all around the world. This was the largest number to ever record of this kind.


Such a large-scale failure from internet giants like Facebook and their services caused substantial knock-off amongst individuals as well as the Business community. And that, one can say, was not anticipated by anyone to happen for such a long duration.

Just an inconvenience? :

Millions of users across the world noticed this “inconvenience” at first when they were not able to log in/ communicate through their WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts. Soon, it turned into world-wide debacle and jolted the online community across the globe.

Lost Communication:

A huge number of small developing businesses depend on superior services such as Facebook and WhatsApp, especially in this post-pandemic predicament. Startup businesses entirely confide in these messaging services to communicate with their customers, and for those, this was a total loss of communication.

Private Organizations:

Most of the private, even some government organizations, absolutely rely on messaging services like WhatsApp to stay in touch with their colleagues in real-time. Such remotely working employees, too were significantly troubled due to the outage.

Users Shifted to Other Platforms:

Soon as everyone knew, it was not the “faulty internet,” but leading services were faulty – they shifted to other social media platforms like Twitter and Telegram. After a short while, everyone was aware of this global disaster via a Tweet.

Facebook Shares:

Amongst all these platforms, FB suffered the most out of them all. Facebook shared went down by approximately 5.4%, which resulted in a loss of $99.75 million.

FB Employees were Locked Out:

Employees working across various Facebook branches were forced to log out and the system then did not allow them to log in. Their own servers, not letting the employees Log-In was quite the situation.

The Domino Effect:

As we all are aware, many other websites and applications offer us to log in via Facebook. So what happens when Facebook itself is not working? It then created a Domino effect, and all of those websites and apps were also not accessible by users after Facebook went down globally.

Loss of Users:

Soon after the outage, many users finally got the idea to not keep all their business into such a single platform as their leading communication/ business platform. Hence, many users shifted from Facebook to other more reliable platforms for their business.

Even though on the next day, each of these services was slowly going back to normal, one must learn a few things from such global breakdowns of leading platforms.

We must not depend on any single platform. Get smarter and be active on various similar platforms offered by distinctive companies and access the range of the services provided by them all.

Posted on October 14, 2021 By Westtech

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