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Digital Learning Solutions for Education

Special Educational Pricing Available

WestTech technologies offer solutions for digital learning in Education in association with Prowise. These solutions can make digital education accessible for everyone. As your reliable and innovative partner, we are proud to present digital education solutions that aim at making learning and collaborating easier, more effective and more fun.

Interaction in the classroom


Our Prowise products introduce you to a world of unique education possibilities. Think of collaborative learning, one-on-one education and class management.

Aligned with education


One-third of our colleagues has a history in the education sector. Therefore, our products, service and warranty conditions are fully adjusted to the demands of schools around the world.



With the Prowise Touchscreen you can effortlessly enjoy the breathtaking image quality and Dolby certified sound. Low energy consumption, low failure rate, highly competitive price and full five year warranty offer a low total cost of ownership.

Do you want to try a Prowise Touchscreen? We would be delighted to organise a workshop at your school.


Presenter 10 Software

Create your own interactive lessons and presentations. With the media library you have everything in store to teach your pupils anything they want to know.

The Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) software Prowise Presenter is packed with educational content, including 3D models and videos. Easily make your file interactive by adding a quiz, building block or let pupils compete against each other


Personal Devices

When developing our new generation of personal devices, we started by addressing the specific needs of the education community. The Prowise Chromebook EduLine, EduBook and All-in-One PC are designed to cope with the challenges of education today.