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Our Services

Our Services

Managed IT Services

We offer robust, simple, and variety of platforms to deliver best-in-class IT services which will boost your business.

No matter which platform you are interested in, we can work with a number of trendy platforms coupled with customized Mobile and cloud storage solutions.

Hardware and Software

There is a wide range of advanced technologies and solutions along with customized solutions for your specific requirements.

Digital Signage

Grow your business through trendy marketing techniques such as Kiosks, Digital displays, Digital Menu Boards, and more.

Website and App Development

According to your field of business, we will build custom websites along with responsive mobile apps to manage your business smoothly.

For that, firstly we will understand all yours and your business’ requirements and then get the overall idea of it. Secondly, we will build and develop a custom website design and add all about your business.
Not just web development, but we also deliver customized mobile app development services to comply with your business website.

IT Fitouts, Cabling, and Networks

When it comes to Network Solutions and Communications – WestTech Technologies is considered amongst the leading names. That is, only because of customized communication services we offer are built to grow your business beyond your imagination.

Zoomies Scooters

Through shared micro-mobility, we are now getting Electric Scooters in Dublin city and look forward to many more cities to go!

The concept of Shared Mobility Scooters not only prevents pollution but also offers countless benefits. Paired with WestTech Zoomies Ride Share App, these Zoomies Scooters will open a whole new world for Tourists, Corporations, and everyone in the city.

Corporate leasing, Business Partnerships, Direct Sales, Corporate Leasing, Public Shared Mobility along with Tourist and Leisure will be the key features for this program.

Remote Working Solutions

Since the past year or so has made every one of us understand the essence of Remove Working, and for that, we offer various services and solutions.

All kinds of businesses are currently running online with so many employees working from remote locations, and for that, the employer is struggling to maintain the workflow.

With WestTech Technologies, you will get smart Remote Working Solutions that will enhance the speed of your business and keep everyone connected.

IT and Softskills Training

To reach the target audience, one must reach through smart and unique marketing strategies. For that, we have various sales techniques and tools which will help you achieve targets even faster than you have anticipated.

Digital Learning Solutions

We offer a range of services for Digital learning for Education which is in associated with Prowise.

Workplace Covid-19 Solutions

The entire world is currently recovering from Covid-19 and its effects. Employees who are returning back to their workplaces for full time must be worried for their safety. To ensure everyone’s safety, we deliver Workplace solutions. It will keep all your employees and visitors safe through a balanced healthy environment around them.

IT Consultancy and Bespoke Solutions

Whether you are a start-up, small business, huge company, or an enterprise – we offer various types of IT Consultancy and Bespoke solutions according to your requirements. Through such custom solutions, you will get desired results at competitive prices.

IT Solutions for Small Businesses

Even if you are starting or just started a new business, you are going to get assured customized solutions as per your business. Whenever you need, in whichever form – we will deliver customized IT solutions to increase your business’ reach.